Friday, May 6

In Khlebnikov's Aviary

A Poem by Paul Violi

O you Cacklers, cackle away!
   O Cacklers and Cacklettes,
         cackle cackle cackle!

Arise, O Ridicules, O righteous Cacklings,
   snicker and snigger, cackle and gloat!
Cackleladies and Cacklegents,
   cackling cackleophonously,
                  O my Cackleeeeers!

Greet the morn, O you Cacklers and Cacklettes!
         Welcome Chuckleheads,
Welcome to Cackledom!
   O you cacklishly contagious Cacklings!
Splattering cachinnations, cackle every which way!
      Cease not, O noontide Cacklettes
                     and Cacklings—cackle away!

Cackle away all ye Cacklers,
      O Cacklings and Cacklettes,
                                    cackle away!

© Paul Violi, 2005

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