Sunday, December 5

Two-Fifteen A.M.

I’m awake: Is it because I’m in love again
With a girl I could not have imagined
No it’s not that: I am not in love again
I have given up on the pursuit of pain
Especially at Christmas Time when
In addition to the pain one is expected to
Buy a present also So no: I am not awake
Because I am in love although I may be
Awake because I am not in love now
But probably I am awake because
I am hungry: If this was the old days
Now might be a good time to go out
To catch something (It’s dark and they
Might not see you coming or even expect
You to be out there) but were I to go out
Now all I would catch would be a disease
And I do not want to catch a disease so:
I go to the refrigerator hunting yoghurt:
But all the yoghurt is chilly and ill-
Humoured and it is as if to eat it would
Make me also chilly and ill-humoured
Which is a disease of sorts of the mind;
But how I hear you ask can yoghurt
Be ill-humoured and all I can say is
I know what I know but it doesn’t help

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