Sunday, September 3

Here is something

So here is the latest news. It's very hot here in China.... oh no, that's not what I meant to say. It's this:

E&D will be back soon with a new look. My son Tim has been brilliant and designed (with me being a fussy client) what we think is a rather attractive new site. So when E&D re-launches it will have a new web address but of course I'll fix all that as and when.

Also, the genius that is Luke Kennard is E&D's new "reviews editor" -- so, any publishers wanting to have their books reviewed here (I guess it doesn't have to be just books; records would be good; or clothes. But I guess mainly books) should send them to Luke at

Flat A
44 Pennsylvania Road

and you can email him (should you so wish) by clicking here.

OK. That was the news and the weather.

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