Saturday, September 3

So That's That

I've been trying to figure out for a couple of weeks how to say this, but the simplest and easiest is the most direct. Although it's not easy.

"Exultations and Difficulties" is stopping, as of now.

I am going to China. I have a teaching post at a University in Zhuhai, which is across the way from Hong Kong. I'm going to be teaching English (mainly conversation) to undergraduates, and I have a contract for the academic year, which will take me up until July (unless I hate it and run away).

As for "E&D", I'm not exactly sure what to say. For one thing, my pal Jez just came back from China and told me he'd not been able to access the site while he was there. China does have some restrictions on internet access, that's for sure. So, it may turn out that the decision's been made for me. On the other hand, I can't imagine getting review copies of books sent to China, then dishing them out.... OK, I know there are ways around that, but....

On the other other hand, let's face it, I'm going to be busy. And I'm going to be in China! There will be so much to see and do!

And some people have said they can't wait to read my blogs from there. But I don't want "E&D" to be a travel blog. The idea makes me almost fall asleep with disinterest.

So all this comes to this. "Exultations & Difficulties" is stopping, as of now. I've really enjoyed it, and I hope you have. I want to thank everyone who has been here, supported it, and contributed to it. And who knows? Maybe this time next year it'll be back...

Much love

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