Thursday, August 4

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In my anxiety, stricken as I was with doubt as to whether or not I had indeed "turned off the gas", I forgot to mention that there is an intriguing item at
Stride which is a conversation between an American critic and the almost unknown British poet Jeremy Twill. I don't know much about Twill, but he sounds like an interesting, albeit perverse, kind of a character.

Meanwhile, those of us (perhaps you) interested in the career of the playwriting duo of Halliday & Stannard will want to be getting a-hold of the new issue of "Colorado Review". Yes, more plays, more delectable plays. Their genius is almost insane. And they are in great company. This issue of CR (as we call it around these parts) also has in it the likes of Ed Dorn, Rosmarie Waldrop and the eternally wonderful Dean Young, who has this year's (or perhaps any year's) best opening line in a poem:

On the eighth day me and Fucking Dickhead

More good stuff, including new work by two E&D regulars, Luke Kennard and Ian Seed, can be found at Maquette Magazine. This is Andy Brown's site, which I knew nothing about until a couple of days ago. A man came knocking at my head and said "Maquette, Maquette", and suddenly I knew.

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