Sunday, July 3

Make Boredom History

(a) During E&D’s necessary recent pause, I came across a post at Ron Silliman’s site, and made a mental note to draw people’s attention to it. I have at last gotten around to doing so. It’s about how one approaches poetry which, for want of a better phrase, might be described as….. No, I’m going to get myself into a tangle even going there. But I think it’s an interesting piece.

Begin with what’s in front of you, what’s really there.

If the technology works, clicking here will take you there.
If it doesn't, you need Ron's post dated June 6th. (Oh, I just tried it. You have to scroll down because it's in the archive....)

(b) And (here comes a shameless example of advertising) the new issue of "The North" has in it my interview with American poet (and occasional playwright) Mark Halliday, which Mark and I somehow managed to do when I was at his home in Ohio last May. It is very good and very interesting. At least, we think so. "The North" isn't online, but details of how to get hold of it are here.

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