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Disaster Poems (or perhaps Disastrous Poems)

I admit it. I'm not above being low. A friend who runs a poetry press recently received an e-mail from someone who would very much like to have their poems published. Probably lots of other poetry publishers have received the same e-mail and the same poems but the better presses are, I'm sure, unlikely to publish them. As for the less than better ones, I cannot say. But I enjoyed the mail and the poems so much I want to share them with people. Sharing is good. What I'm not doing is telling you the sender's name, or including all six poems. I'm not above being low, but I'm not cruel. Here goes. Hold on to your hats.


Dear Sir,

I have written a book of poetry. It consists of 95 poems. The title of the work is “TSUNAMI – POETRY OF A TOURIST ABOUT NATURE AND PEOPLE”. I would like to publish it through your prestigious organization. I am providing the synopsis and a sample of six poems for your consideration. I look forward to working with you for the publication of my work.

Synopsis: This book of poetry consists of 95 poems exploring various aspects of lives of different people living in different conditions. Some of the poems cover the recent Tsunami that struck many Asian countries recently. The work also covers various contemporary issues such as, nature, environmental pollution, terrorism, women, child labor, poverty, beauty, population, present world, love, Rich and Poor, freedom, government, earth, sea, wealth and various aspects of the nature.

About the author: he is an assistant professor in India. He also wrote a novel, “DREAMS OF LIFE: A NOVEL” this is to be published.

TARGET AUDIENCE: this work is written to attract all kinds of audience.

Sample poems:


Looking from the top,
Our civilization looks like a Disneyland!
Everything on Earth, looking like toys,
Cities looking like arrangements of matchboxes,
And villages like beautiful gardens!

Suddenly the Earth trembled,
Expressing the entire wrath it has accumulated,
Unable to bear the growing sins of the people,
Unable to tolerate the gigantic burden it has to bear,
And unable to tolerate the exploitation of its resources,
The Earth expressed its fury!
All the buildings fell into ruins,
People trapped in the rubble,
Many suffered from broken bones, deep cuts and bruises,
And within minutes, many perished in sleep!

The giant tremor struck underneath the sea floor,
It opened wide agape,
And drew huge mass of water into it,
Everywhere shoreline retreated miraculously,
And it caused great admiration for all!
Many went in, to collect the shells and fish,
But soon the sea floor adjusted itself,
And water surged forward with great force!
They traveled in all directions,
Huge waves marched forward,
And they caused a great catastrophe!


As if to reach the sky,
The waves started rising high
Everybody bathing in the sea ran out for safety,
And people’s lives fell in jeopardy!
Marching at few hundred miles per hour,
Tides chased us away!
Hitting hard with a mighty force,
They threw all of us to a distance,
And to the impact of the mighty force,
Many hearts have stopped perhaps!
Devastating everything on its course,
It encroached deeply into the villages and towns,
And played havoc with people’s lives!

The boats of the fisherfolks shattered into pieces,
And their huts and nets washed away into the fields!
Fish dried in the open sand carried away in the flood,
And fish from the sea came on to the roads!
The waves have uprooted many trees,
And they are floating on the water!
With even big houses falling into ruins,
The waves proved to be extremely fierce!
Sweeping into the houses, they destroyed years of toils,
And people caught hold of whatever is available,
But the power of nature is invincible,
And most of the people lost their lives!
The power of tsunami is invincible,
And it posed a serious challenge to the people
It came as a surprise,
Made the people near the coast as hostages
And finally left many dead and abducted many into its deeps!


If anyone out there would like to read the other poems.....

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