Thursday, June 30

3, 4, 5 and 6

Every time I open my e-mails there is someone asking to see the other four poems I mentioned on Monday. OK. If I have a better judgement this is almost certainly against it.



As a tiny bud I was born,
And wishing to present my beauty to this world,
I rose up fast with a lot of eagerness!
My petals grew in size,
Spreading my fragrance around,
And I instill pleasantness everywhere!

Swinging in breeze and greeting the passersby,
I develop and become an attractive flower!
Imbuing bright colors of the creation,
I attract everybody to relish my nectar!
Capturing the due at night,
By morning, I make them sparkling diamonds!

When everybody praise me that I am beautiful,
I feel proud and blush with pride!
When someone pluck me and take me with them,
I get a chance to wander with them,
Witnessing the beauty of this creation,
I realize that it is more beautiful!

Soon I start losing my grace,
And understand that my lifetime is very limited!
Still, I give out the maximum fragrance
And try to refresh everybody around!
I tell everyone, my lifetime is short
And in this little span, I try to give the world some delight!


In the pleasant village,
I have seen a beautiful teenage rose.
Her charm is beyond description,
And how God created her is unknown,
So simple but with a lot of grace,
Eyes struck to her face!
Nothing is extraordinary in her,
But everybody becomes her admirer!

Her smile attract us first,
And her magnetism may trap us at last!
Beautiful white clouds are her dress,
And enchanting nature is her address!
Smiles as a fully blossomed rose,
And she arises in us pleasant feelings!
When angry, she is the Sun during midsummer,
And her looks arise in us a lot of fear!

When pleasant she is a full moon,
And for an enjoyable play invites everyone!
Laughs like a cascade,
And lets cheerfulness to pervade,
Walks bringing a cool breeze,
And her presence revitalizes the environs!
Runs like a river,
And she reveals all the charm in her!

Sings like a bird,
And her voice reverberates in mind!
She has beautiful long hairs,
And they dance freely in the air!
Wearing a beautiful garland,
Looks like a carefree bird,
And looking so sweat
She touches the heart!


When I am eating tasty food,
I remember the faces of millions of starving people!
When I find water wasted here and there,
I visualize women carrying drinking water from distant places!
When I find the rich squandering their money,
I think of the poor old people begging on the streets!
When I see people wearing costly dress each day,
I imagine the rags and bare bodies of the poor!
When I observe their costly shoes,
I remember the hardened bare feet of the villagers!
When I see high-rise apartments,
Those living under the shade of trees come into my mind!

We cannot help all of those in dire poverty and need,
But we can brighten as many lives as possible!
We can share our wealth with at least a few of them,
And find the spark of happiness and gratitude in their eyes,
It is far more satisfying than winning millions of dollars!

Each grain of food can sustain a life,
Each drop of water can quench the thirst of someone,
Even small amount of money can help someone in need,
Even a little charity can bring smiles in the poor faces,
And those are blessed who serve as many needy as possible!

Let us get rid of the idea of ‘Self’,
And we may win over all the petty interests!
Let us broaden our mind to share our life with others,
And they may admire us!
Let us treat all the people as our own brothers and sisters,
And they may adore us!
Let us treat all the creatures as our own images,
And we may become equal to the God!


Close your eyes and look into the future!
Is it bright like a fully blossomed rose?
Is it happy and resplendent as a carefree deer?
Is it vibrant like a peacock spreading its feathers?

Or is it dark as a crematorium?
Is it lifeless as a dead planet?
Is it hopeless as a withered plant?
Is it barren as a lifeless desert?

Or do you find the glaciers melting?
Then a deluge may engulf the Earth!
Do you find all our civilization raged to the ground?
Then, layers of soil may cover it!

Or do you envision a new creation?
It may once again rise form the oceans!
Then the Earth may once again be vibrant,
And it may be joyful with a new breed of living beings!

Everything is in our hands!
And we can make the future bright or dark!
We can make it colorful or make it lifeless!
What we do today decides our tomorrow!

Wake up dear friends! Wake up!
Let us save the Earth from the imminent threats!
And together let us ensure a happy future!
If today we neglect, tomorrow may not be there for us!

Before the nature asserts itself,
Let us wake up!
And before the lights go off,
Let us brighten our wisdom!


OK. That's it. There are no more. Not here, anyway. I suspect there may be hundreds where these came from, but you can have too much of a good thing. Apparently.

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