Tuesday, May 17

Some Stuff (breaking news....)


I don't know about you, but I think this is really funny. The punchline knocks me out. Anyway, here are some bits and pieces:-

1. Envy and Regret

July is Cork International Poetry Festival time. There are some great people set to be there. To add to the excitement, I was going to be there too, to read with my old pal Rupert Mallin. But something has come up and I’m now inextricably marooned in Nottingham for all of July, with no hope of escape. But if you like the idea of a few days in Ireland, surrounded by poets like Tom Raworth and Mairead Byrne, which I sure as hell did, and if you go…. well, I envy you, that’s all.

2. His review isn't as good as mine (.... I'm only joking, of course ....)

E&D regular Ian Seed reviews Dean Young’s “Ready-Made Bouquet” over at NHI Online, and those of you who enjoyed Ian's prose poems here might also like to take a look at some more at The Argotist and at Aught. Both these e-zines look like good places, in fact. I’ve not seen them before, but it always takes me ages to catch up with things.

3. Also Dean Young

There is also mention of Dean Young, somewhat in passing but of interest nonetheless, over at Ron Silliman's site (the Tuesday 17th entry).

4. Meanwhile, where the really good stuff is....

I have three new poems online at Stride.

5. And finally, it runs in the family

I have no idea if it's because he's my kid, or if I'm always a bit drunk when I read it, but Tim's The Long Lost Lagomorph seems to be getting funnier.

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