Thursday, March 24

Web-Based Media Killed The Video Star

Just for an Easter change, I'm stealing links from my son Tim's site, because I think they're good. I have his permission. He's a good kid. He's inherited my charm. These are all web-based digital media things, and if I knew what their correct name was I'd probably still call them that, or something like it. A couple of them are not fantastic resolution on a desktop PC because they are made for DVD, but still they make good watching, I think.

You can get to all these via Tim's site. The post you want is March 19th. He has a way with language. I don't know where he gets it from. Otherwise here are the links:

The first one is at
Tokyo Plastic. You have to hunt around a bit, but if you do common sense things like click in the places it obviously wants you to click, you will get a kind of tree thing. The top right hand branch of that leads you to the drum machine. Go for the drum machine. Turn it up loud. And be patient. It takes a while to get to where you're going, and at one point you think it's done but it isn't.

Next, there is
the fly. You need to go to recent work, and click on the naked fly link.

If you think George Bush is really cool, you might like to skip this next one.
What Barry Says is better on a full screen TV/DVD, which is how I first saw it, but it's still good stuff. Beats me how these animators can be so clever but still, on a computer, you have to watch it really small.

Tim reckons all this is pretty much state of the art, and he's probably right. His girlfriend is at college learning to do these things, and she's pretty good at it herself. Sadly, none of her work is available for showing at this cinema today. Perhaps another day. Meanwhile, this
Mogwai video (Hunted by a Freak) is spooky and disturbing. At least it spooks and disturbs me.

Finally, this may not be state of the art any longer and, as Tim says, it's a bit old -- but still it's damn fine. If only it was bigger! It's
one of my favourite music videos, although I guess there are a few of those, come to think of it.

On a different tack -- I just switched to using Firefox as my browser. This site looks different on Firefox than it does on Internet Explorer. Colours are different, and some of the formatting doesn't sit right. I'm trying to find out why, but I suspect the answer is really boring and means more work for me. So, if you are looking at this via Firefox you are getting a slightly altered version of things. It's nothing serious. But if anyone knows about technical stuff like that, I'd like to hear from you. Meanwhile, although I think Firefox is a way better browser than IE, and I now use it for general moving around, this site is still best viewed using Internet Explorer, if only because that way it looks more or less as it should, instead of more or less how someone else thinks it should.

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