Wednesday, March 2

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Attention Shoppers: Ashbery Yet Again

Okay. I quite like John Ashbery’s poetry. Here is a link to a review by Helen Vendler of Ashbery’s new book, which I think is out in the UK later in March. Vendler has in the past been a little guilty of being pedestrian about Ashbery’s poetry, offering synopses of poems for which synopses are more or less entirely irrelevant. But here, she is big enough to admit to being wrong sometimes, so she’s okay. It’s also a good read of a review.

Here’s Another Great Offer

This is another
good review, by which I mean it’s made me want to go and read people I’ve either not got on with in the past, or for some reason ignored. The people in question are Richard Caddel and Peter Redgrove. The review is by Keith Jafrate, and also includes his take on Michael Laskey’s “Permission To Breathe”, which I seem to remember reading a while ago.

This Is Also Great

If you happen to live in or near Oxford, I’m reading there on Sunday March 13th. All the information you will ever need to help you get there and then get away from there is here. It will be fun. I think I can promise that. Steven Waling is also reading, and he’s good. (I just hope he’s not better than me.)

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