Tuesday, February 22

Sideways to China

My pal Jez is flying to China tomorrow to take up a 6 month post teaching English as a foreign language. Over the past year or so we’ve been in the habit of going to see movies, some of which we had been led to believe were good, some of which we knew we were taking a chance on. “Pirates of the Caribbean” was almost a success (from my point of view, anyway, but I just like pirates), though it was way too long and a little too silly; “Sean of the Dead” was dreadful; “Team America: World Police” was not quite as bad as that but it was bad; I’ve forgotten some of the films we saw because I try and forget bad things. Oh: “Lost in Translation”. I forgot all about that. We've seen some pretty rotten films, in truth.

Sunday night we went to see “Sideways”, because “Spongebob Squarepants” was only on during the daytime for kiddies and we don’t go out before dusk.

“Sideways” is marvellous. Once you accept it’s a buddy road blokes approaching middle age possible crisis post-divorce depression pre-marriage nerves one last fling dare I get involved again feel bad feel good movie then I figure you have to accept it’s a marvellous movie. Sharp writing, sharp direction. “Beautifully observed": another cliché. It's very funny, too. Very.

An alternative view might be that it’s too much a male movie, that the entire set up is all about men, and panders to a male-centric (is that a word?) view of life. It’s okay to see it that way, because I expect it’s true in the same way lots of things are true if you look at them from a certain perspective. I saw it as saying, in among the entertainment, what self-absorbed dorks men are. But I already knew men are that. Oh, and the women fell for them, dorks or not. It happens. So it goes. I think the film nailed things pretty well. Anyway, I don’t go to movies for the meaning of life, unless the movie happens to be called “The Meaning of Life”. My point is, Jez and I finally got to see a good movie. Even perhaps a great movie. I hope China is good, too.

The Sideways website is a pretty good site, considering as how it's a movie website.

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