Friday, December 10

Re: Three

As a little addendum to "Three", I just phoned my friend John to tell him about the Throbbing Gristle article. He's a big fan of them, and Psychic TV (yay!!) .... anyway, his response was, Look, Martin, this week you've told me 2 unwelcome things about 2 of my top 3: Kevin Coyne is dead, and Throbbing Gristle are still alive. The third one of the 3 is Bob Dylan. So what's going to happen to him?

Anyway: I guess if Bob Dylan dies in the next few days, or even has a bad fall, it could be my fault. I apologise in advance.

Which reminds me: there is a story in the same Independent today about how "Like A Rolling Stone" almost was lost for ever .... I don't know if it's a true story, but the world is full of stories and this is another one.

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