Thursday, November 11

One of those days .....

One of those days when you find yourself thinking too much. It started by sleeping until ten. That was good. Then, idling somewhat, I looked at some of the discussions on the British Poets list I’d not previously looked at, and found myself catching up with Don Paterson’s T.S.Eliot Lecture. This is not the most brilliant thing to be doing, I discovered, on your day off, when all you have in you is coffee, and you’re still in your nightgown and nightcap. But I did it anyway.

Paterson is obviously staking out territory. What worries me today is that I’m in the middle of writing a piece about the Bloodaxe anthology “Being Alive”, which also (among other things) stakes out territory. And I’m worried I might find myself staking out a different territory as a response. Perhaps I’ve already done it before, elsewhere. Is staking out poetry territory a good or a bad thing? Does it matter? Have I used the phrase “staking out territory” too often here? I’m not even sure if these are reasonable questions. One of those days when you find yourself thinking about whether or not you are thinking clearly.


Anyway, also via the British Poets list I discovered The Page, which would appear to be a good place to visit.


& there is a new issue of Poetry Nottingham just out. It’s available from 11 Orkney Close, Stenson Fields, Derby, DE24 3LW. £3.25 including postage. I would publicize it anyway, because the new(-ish) editor Adrian Buckner is a friend of mine who is trying hard, and managing pretty well, to drag the magazine out of its local doldrums and into the bigger world, but this issue features a long, seven-page poem by me – so, even more reason to (hold on, should this piece be at the top of this post? In bold and animated neon? Whatever.) Perhaps while I’m into this brief moment of talking about my own poetry, I should mention a new pamphlet, Coral, which is available from Leafe Press, 1 Leafe Close, Chilwell, Nottingham NG9 6NR. “Coral” is officially out next week, and costs £2.50 plus, I guess, something for postage. There is a launch reading at The Flying Goose Café in Beeston, Nottingham, on Tuesday 16th November. If you want further details, please e-mail me. Okay, that’s the end of the commercials. I need some music.

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