Monday, November 15

More Death; More Stuff (No Poetry)

I’m hesitant to raise the subject of death here again, and I swear to God I have compassion enough to sympathise and feel all the requisite things about the sudden death of rapper Ol’ Dirty Bastard, who died suddenly on Saturday in a New York recording studio. I’m not a rap fan, and wasn’t familiar with his work, but someone died. Be that as it may, am I the only person who finds this quote from his mother in today’s newspaper just a little bit, well, amusing …… ?

“To the public he was known as Ol’ Dirty Bastard, but to me he was known as Rusty.”


Whatev. I’m in a good mood. This afternoon I bought some new speakers for my computer. I play most of my music through it, and though the Dell speakers are pretty respectable they are not, actually, any good for playing music properly. You want more than something that sounds like a decent radio. A couple of weeks ago I saw in a magazine about some Logitech speakers that cost around £200 and, with their hefty sub-woofer, would shake the plaster off the walls and, it was guaranteed, upset the neighbours. I didn’t really want to spend that much money. Upsetting the neighbours is a come-what-may sort of thing, though. Anyway, this afternoon I found some (also Logitech) speakers (also with a sub-woofer) for a third of the price. At this point I should say I don’t mean to sound as if I know what a sub-woofer is. But I know it is “bass”. And “loud deep bass” at that. These speakers are great. Suddenly the computer is playing music with muscle. But I have the sub-woofer turned down to its lowest possible setting, and it’s still rattling things. The water in the goldfish bowl has ripples on its surface. Goodness knows what you get for £200. Perhaps I shall be discussing it with the neighbours quite soon.


Oh, on the same page in my newspaper as ODB, “Friends” person Jennifer Aniston is quoted as saying that she is “happy with her looks.” I don’t know why I find that interesting. Except that’s all she says. I’m probably reading the wrong newspaper these days. It has a lousy poetry section.

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