Thursday, November 25


Item 1.

There is a new issue of
The North out, and it features among other beautiful things a conversation between me and Paul Violi, which we did when I was over in New York during the Spring. It’s really very interesting, has some fine words in it (including “mad chemist”), and I encourage you to be encouraged to buy a copy.

Item 2.

I have somewhat altered the Comment facility on this site. If you click on the cryptic phrase at the foot of the post (at the moment it says something like “Speak up…..” but I am likely to change the phrase on a whim and sixpence) a box pops up and you can comment straight into it: No logins or stuff like that, but you can put your e-mail and/or web address in if you choose. It's not obligatory, though a name is always good. It’s the
Haloscan system, which is what blog-people who know what they’re doing use, and I am nearly one of those people.

Item 3.

Regarding Item 2 – nobody much comments about things, which is okay. But it’s there if you want it. I won’t tell you how tricky it was getting Haloscan to install. Actually it was dead easy, with a little help from
Tim and his Brain. Anyway, it’s there, and for you to use.

Item 4.

Back to Poetry, and I have a review of the Bloodaxe “Half Alive” anthology over at Stride.
It’s different from the skittish piece posted here earlier this week (although I guess the outcome is the same). & as usual there is other good stuff appearing at Stride all the time.

Item 5.

What was Item 5 going to be? Perhaps there wasn’t one. Perhaps I should, though, take the opportunity to say Thank You for your support & readership. Lots of people are reading this Thing at the moment, which is very pleasing. I'm enjoying myself loads, and I hope you are too. So yes: Thank you.

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