Monday, October 18

A Postscript to a Post

This is a postscript to the previous post.

My review of the Michael Laskey book can be read at Stride.

Alison Croggon picked up on the post, and there’s been some interesting discussion about reviewing at the PoetryEtc list, which she runs. For those of you not familiar with sites like this, when you get there go to October, and scroll down the list of topics to find “Reviewing and so on.”

I’ve also posted at the British Poets list, where the process is the same, the topic in this instance being "Reviews". That post has only been there an hour or two as I write this, so nothing much has happened yet. Perhaps nothing will.

As I said in a reply to the comments about the earlier post, the issue here isn’t the review itself. The issue is a reviews policy that only wants positive comment, which I think is silly, but lots more dangerous and unsettling than silly. And I want to stress that the Staple decision came from the Editors, not the Reviews Editor.

Enough. For now.

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