Monday, October 25

Popularity Contest

I keep meaning to mention a new magazine, edited by Luke Kennard. But I keep forgetting to mention it. I just remembered, so I'm doing it now. I should be in bed, but I'm not sleepy.

The magazine's called "Popularity Contest", and it's made of paper. By which I mean it's made of paper and it's not a magazine on the InterWeb.

You can find out something about it here although not much. But if you follow some of the links around the same site you will find out what sort of bloke Luke Kennard might be, and about some of his friends. It will give you some idea of what the magazine is like. It isn't like Staple, that's for sure.

The first issue features Andy Brown, Paul Sutton, Rupert Loydell and others and I like it loads. It reminds me of what magazines used to be like: pages of A4 copied and stapled together, enthusiasm, irreverence and signs of life.

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